Saturday, 25 September 2010

How to take apart your xbox really quickly then remove the warranty sticker

This is a super easy trick. 

If you don't want to spend forever trying to pop off the notches with a tool just do as i do in the video.

Take your Xbox 360 Console and Remove the faceplate 
The Microsoft seal will be multicolor or silver

Step Two: 
Get your Wax Paper ready to put the sticker on. 

Step Three: 
Plug in your Hair Dryer and put it on HIGH or HOT button, or the buttons to make it the Hottest and on High. 

Step Four: 
Heat up the sticker for about 7-10 seconds. 

Step Five: 
After the 7-10 seconds keep the hair dryer on it. While you are doing that use your other hand to slide your knife under the seal SLOWLY. If you go to fast it may ruin the seal. 

Step Six: 
After the seal is off, place the seal on the wax paper. When putting the Seal back on the Xbox, warm up the wax paper for 5 seconds with a hair dryer, even warm up the Xbox to be safe. 

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