Saturday, 25 September 2010

How to use your old xbox's HDD in your new xbox 360 slim!

This is how you can put you'r old Xbox 360 HDD into your new xboc 360 slim. hope it helped and be careful when your doing this.

1.Take your HDD from old xbox 360.
2. Take apart the HDD and all the screws you should up with this. (be careful on this part)
Posted Image

3. Go to your Xbox 360 slim and find the HDD slot and take out the
4. Take the external HDD as in the PIC above and very carefully align it with the port's that it should go into. (this part is very hard sometimes and please be careful on this part to)
5. You should feel it and hear a "click" noise of sorts and then you should know its in.

here is a video in case i did not explain it that good.

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